Supports file operations including Manage and Delete.




Namesort descending Description
file_delete_form Page callback: Form constructor for the file deletion confirmation form.
file_delete_form_submit Form submission handler for file_delete_form().
file_get_upload_validators Retrieves the upload validators for a file.
file_manage_form Page callback: Form constructor for the file manage form.
file_manage_form_submit Form submission handler for the 'Save' button for file_manage_form().
file_manage_form_validate Form validation handler for file_manage_form().
file_multiple_delete_confirm Multiple file deletion confirmation form.
file_multiple_delete_confirm_submit Form submission handler for file_multiple_delete_confirm().
_file_usage_get_total Get the complete total number of known usages for a file.
_file_usage_list_links Build a list of links to content that references a file.