Defines the file entity class.


Expanded class hierarchy of File


core/modules/file/, line 10
Entity controller and class for files.


Contains filters are case sensitive
Namesort descending Modifiers Type Description
Entity::createAccess public static function Implements EntityInterface::createAccess(). Overrides EntityInterface::createAccess
Entity::createDuplicate public function Implements EntityInterface::createDuplicate(). Overrides EntityInterface::createDuplicate
Entity::delete public function Implements EntityInterface::delete(). Overrides EntityInterface::delete
Entity::getFieldValue public function Implements EntityInterface::getFieldValue(). Overrides EntityInterface::getFieldValue
Entity::getFieldValues public function Implements EntityInterface::getFieldValues(). Overrides EntityInterface::getFieldValues
Entity::isNew public function Implements EntityInterface::isNew(). Overrides EntityInterface::isNew
Entity::save public function Implements EntityInterface::save(). Overrides EntityInterface::save
File::$fid public property The file ID.
File::$filemime public property The file's MIME type.
File::$filename public property Name of the file with no path components.
File::$filesize public property The size of the file in bytes.
File::$langcode public property The file language code.
File::$status public property A field indicating the status of the file.
File::$timestamp public property UNIX timestamp for when the file was last saved.
File::$type public property The file type (bundle).
File::$uid public property The uid of the user who is associated with the file.
File::$uri public property The URI to access the file (either local or remote).
File::access public function Overrides Entity::access(). Overrides Entity::access
File::bundle public function Implements EntityInterface::bundle(). Overrides Entity::bundle
File::entityType public function Implements EntityInterface::entityType(). Overrides EntityInterface::entityType
File::id public function Implements EntityInterface::id(). Overrides EntityInterface::id
File::label public function Implements EntityInterface::label(). Overrides EntityInterface::label
File::uri public function Implements EntityInterface::uri(). Overrides EntityInterface::uri
File::__construct public function Constructor for file entities. Overrides Entity::__construct