1 bootstrap.inc state_get($name, $default = NULL)

Retrieves a "state" value from the database.

States are used for saving long-term values in the database that are environment-specific. Some examples of values appropriate for utilizing states include the last time cron was run or the current query string appended to CSS/JS files. These values should not be copied between environments, so they are stored in the state system instead of as configuration files.

Case-sensitivity of the state_* functions depends on the database collation used. To avoid problems, always use lower case for persistent state names.


$name: The name of the state to return.

$default: The default value to use if this state has never been set.

Return value

The value of the state. Complex data types such as objects and arrays are unserialized when returned.

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core/includes/bootstrap.inc, line 1317
Functions that need to be loaded on every Backdrop request.


function state_get($name, $default = NULL) {
  $states = &backdrop_static('states');
  if (!isset($states)) {
    $states = state_initialize();
  return isset($states[$name]) ? $states[$name] : $default;