Contribute to Core

Development for Backdrop CMS is on Github.

  1. Please search the core issue queue to make sure there is not already someone else working on your idea.
  2. If you are the first one, create an issue explaining what you are working on and why.
  3. Then fork the core repository and begin your work.
  4. When you are finished, create a pull request against core to have your code reviewed for inclusion.

If you find a similar issue in the queue, add a comment with your opinion, and look for an existing Pull Request that you can help with.

Contribute a Module, Layout, or Theme

If you've created a module or theme for Backdrop CMS we encourage you to collaborate with others in improving and maintaining it. All new modules for Backdrop CMS should be hosted on GitHub. Join the Backdrop Contrib group on GitHub by submitting an issue to the Backdrop Contributed Module Issue Queue. The queue is monitored for new applicants. After being accepted, you will be able to create a new project (or move an existing one) under the Backdrop Contrib group at

Contributed Development Branches

Contrib branches should reflect the core major version (1.x) followed by a hyphen and then your module's major version (1.x). For example 1.x-2.x indicates it is the 2.x version of a module made for Backdrop 1.x.

Contributed Releases

When making official releases of your project on GitHub, please follow the same semantic versioning patterns used by Backdrop core, but also include a prefix indicating the version of Backdrop core in which the project is compatible. Contrib release tags should include the core major version followed by a hyphen and then your module's major.minor.patch number. For example 1.x-1.0.0 indicates it is the 1.0.0 release of a project that is compatible with Backdrop 1.x. See the devel module releases for a real-world example.

This section describes the process of developing code for Backdrop CMS core project and Backdrop contributed projects. Backdrop CMS uses GitHub for maintenance of the core project (or just 'Core'); this section also describes basic information about GitHub.
Contributed projects are of three types:

Most Backdrop contrib projects are kept also on GitHub at although it is anticipated that some projects may be maintained in other distributed systems in the future if needed.