Name Locationsort descending Description
db_xor core/includes/database/ Returns a new DatabaseCondition, set to "XOR" all conditions together.
db_condition core/includes/database/ Returns a new DatabaseCondition, set to the specified conjunction.
db_create_table core/includes/database/ Creates a new table from a Backdrop table definition.
db_field_names core/includes/database/ Returns an array of field names from an array of key/index column specifiers.
db_index_exists core/includes/database/ Checks if an index exists in the given table.
db_table_exists core/includes/database/ Checks if a table exists.
db_field_exists core/includes/database/ Checks if a column exists in the given table.
db_find_tables core/includes/database/ Finds all tables that are like the specified base table name.
_db_create_keys_sql core/includes/database/
db_rename_table core/includes/database/ Renames a table.
db_drop_table core/includes/database/ Drops a table.
db_add_field core/includes/database/ Adds a new field to a table.
db_drop_field core/includes/database/ Drops a field.
db_field_set_default core/includes/database/ Sets the default value for a field.
db_field_set_no_default core/includes/database/ Sets a field to have no default value.
db_add_primary_key core/includes/database/ Adds a primary key to a database table.
db_drop_primary_key core/includes/database/ Drops the primary key of a database table.
db_add_unique_key core/includes/database/ Adds a unique key.
db_drop_unique_key core/includes/database/ Drops a unique key.
db_add_index core/includes/database/ Adds an index.
db_drop_index core/includes/database/ Drops an index.
db_change_field core/includes/database/ Changes a field definition.
db_ignore_slave core/includes/database/ Sets a session variable specifying the lag time for ignoring a slave server.
DatabaseConnection::utf8mb4IsActive core/includes/database/ Checks whether utf8mb4 support is currently active.
DatabaseConnection::utf8mb4IsSupported core/includes/database/ Checks whether utf8mb4 support is available on the current database system.
DatabaseConnection::createDatabase core/includes/database/ Creates a database.
DatabaseLog::__construct core/includes/database/ Constructor.
DatabaseLog::start core/includes/database/ Begin logging queries to the specified connection and logging key.
DatabaseLog::get core/includes/database/ Retrieve the query log for the specified logging key so far.
DatabaseLog::clear core/includes/database/ Empty the query log for the specified logging key.
DatabaseLog::end core/includes/database/ Stop logging for the specified logging key.
DatabaseLog::log core/includes/database/ Log a query to all active logging keys.
DatabaseLog::findCaller core/includes/database/ Determine the routine that called this query.
DatabaseConnection_mysql::__construct core/includes/database/mysql/
DatabaseConnection_mysql::__destruct core/includes/database/mysql/
DatabaseConnection_mysql::queryRange core/includes/database/mysql/ Runs a limited-range query on this database object.
DatabaseConnection_mysql::queryTemporary core/includes/database/mysql/ Runs a SELECT query and stores its results in a temporary table.
DatabaseConnection_mysql::driver core/includes/database/mysql/ Returns the type of database driver.
DatabaseConnection_mysql::databaseType core/includes/database/mysql/ Returns the name of the PDO driver for this connection.
DatabaseConnection_mysql::mapConditionOperator core/includes/database/mysql/ Gets any special processing requirements for the condition operator.
DatabaseConnection_mysql::nextId core/includes/database/mysql/ Retrieves an unique id from a given sequence.
DatabaseConnection_mysql::nextIdDelete core/includes/database/mysql/
DatabaseConnection_mysql::popCommittableTransactions core/includes/database/mysql/ Overridden to work around issues to MySQL not supporting transactional DDL.
DatabaseConnection_mysql::utf8mb4IsActive core/includes/database/mysql/ Checks whether utf8mb4 support is currently active.
DatabaseConnection_mysql::utf8mb4IsSupported core/includes/database/mysql/ Checks whether utf8mb4 support is available on the current database system.
DatabaseConnection_mysql::createDatabase core/includes/database/mysql/ Overrides DatabaseConnection::createDatabase().
DatabaseTasks_mysql::name core/includes/database/mysql/ Returns a human-readable name string for MySQL and equivalent databases.
DatabaseTasks_mysql::minimumVersion core/includes/database/mysql/ Returns the minimum version for MySQL.
InsertQuery_mysql::execute core/includes/database/mysql/ Executes the insert query.
InsertQuery_mysql::__toString core/includes/database/mysql/ Implements PHP magic __toString method to convert the query to a string.