Name Locationsort descending Description
DatabaseConnection::delete core/includes/database/ Prepares and returns a DELETE query object.
DatabaseConnection::truncate core/includes/database/ Prepares and returns a TRUNCATE query object.
DatabaseConnection::schema core/includes/database/ Returns a DatabaseSchema object for manipulating the schema.
DatabaseConnection::escapeTable core/includes/database/ Escapes a table name string.
DatabaseConnection::escapeField core/includes/database/ Escapes a field name string.
DatabaseConnection::escapeAlias core/includes/database/ Escapes an alias name string.
DatabaseConnection::escapeLike core/includes/database/ Escapes characters that work as wildcard characters in a LIKE pattern.
DatabaseConnection::inTransaction core/includes/database/ Determines if there is an active transaction open.
DatabaseConnection::transactionDepth core/includes/database/ Determines current transaction depth.
DatabaseConnection::startTransaction core/includes/database/ Returns a new DatabaseTransaction object on this connection.
DatabaseConnection::rollback core/includes/database/ Rolls back the transaction entirely or to a named savepoint.
DatabaseConnection::pushTransaction core/includes/database/ Increases the depth of transaction nesting.
DatabaseConnection::popTransaction core/includes/database/ Decreases the depth of transaction nesting.
DatabaseConnection::popCommittableTransactions core/includes/database/ Internal function: commit all the transaction layers that can commit.
DatabaseConnection::queryRange core/includes/database/ Runs a limited-range query on this database object.
DatabaseConnection::generateTemporaryTableName core/includes/database/ Generates a temporary table name.
DatabaseConnection::queryTemporary core/includes/database/ Runs a SELECT query and stores its results in a temporary table.
DatabaseConnection::driver core/includes/database/ Returns the type of database driver.
DatabaseConnection::version core/includes/database/ Returns the version of the database server.
DatabaseConnection::supportsTransactions core/includes/database/ Determines if this driver supports transactions.
DatabaseConnection::supportsTransactionalDDL core/includes/database/ Determines if this driver supports transactional DDL.
DatabaseConnection::databaseType core/includes/database/ Returns the name of the PDO driver for this connection.
DatabaseConnection::mapConditionOperator core/includes/database/ Gets any special processing requirements for the condition operator.
DatabaseConnection::commit core/includes/database/ Throws an exception to deny direct access to transaction commits.
DatabaseConnection::nextId core/includes/database/ Retrieves an unique id from a given sequence.
Database::startLog core/includes/database/ Starts logging a given logging key on the specified connection.
Database::getLog core/includes/database/ Retrieves the queries logged on for given logging key.
Database::getConnection core/includes/database/ Gets the connection object for the specified database key and target.
Database::isActiveConnection core/includes/database/ Determines if there is an active connection.
Database::setActiveConnection core/includes/database/ Sets the active connection to the specified key.
Database::parseConnectionInfo core/includes/database/ Process the configuration file for database information.
Database::addConnectionInfo core/includes/database/ Adds database connection information for a given key/target.
Database::getConnectionInfo core/includes/database/ Gets information on the specified database connection.
Database::renameConnection core/includes/database/ Rename a connection and its corresponding connection information.
Database::removeConnection core/includes/database/ Remove a connection and its corresponding connection information.
Database::openConnection core/includes/database/ Opens a connection to the server specified by the given key and target.
Database::closeConnection core/includes/database/ Closes a connection to the server specified by the given key and target.
Database::ignoreTarget core/includes/database/ Instructs the system to temporarily ignore a given key/target.
Database::loadDriverFile core/includes/database/ Load a file for the database that might hold a class.
DatabaseTransaction::__construct core/includes/database/
DatabaseTransaction::__destruct core/includes/database/
DatabaseTransaction::name core/includes/database/ Retrieves the name of the transaction or savepoint.
DatabaseTransaction::rollback core/includes/database/ Rolls back the current transaction.
DatabaseStatementInterface::execute core/includes/database/ Executes a prepared statement
DatabaseStatementInterface::getQueryString core/includes/database/ Gets the query string of this statement.
DatabaseStatementInterface::rowCount core/includes/database/ Returns the number of rows affected by the last SQL statement.
DatabaseStatementInterface::fetchField core/includes/database/ Returns a single field from the next record of a result set.
DatabaseStatementInterface::fetchAssoc core/includes/database/ Fetches the next row and returns it as an associative array.
DatabaseStatementInterface::fetchCol core/includes/database/ Returns an entire single column of a result set as an indexed array.
DatabaseStatementInterface::fetchAllKeyed core/includes/database/ Returns the entire result set as a single associative array.