This script runs Backdrop tests from command line.

Run Backdrop tests from the shell.

Usage: ./ [OPTIONS] <testClassNames> Example: ./ --url="http://backdrop" BootstrapPageCacheTestCase

All arguments are long options.

 --help      Print this page.

 --list      Display all available test groups.

 --clean     Cleans up database tables or directories from previous, failed,
             tests and then exits (no tests are run).

 --url       Immediately precedes a URL to set the host and path. You will
             need this parameter if Backdrop is in a subdirectory on your
             localhost and you have not set $base_url in settings.php. Tests
             can be run under SSL by including https:// in the URL.

 --php       The absolute path to the PHP executable. Usually not needed.

 --concurrency [num]

             Run tests in parallel, up to [num] tests at a time.

--split [fraction]

             Run a portion of the specified tests. e.g. "1/4" would run the
             first quarter of the tests. "2/4" would run the second quarter.
             Intended to be used when running tests across multiple hosts.

 --force     Enable the Simpletest module if it's not enabled already.

 --all       Run all available tests.

 --group     Run tests identified by specific group names, instead of class names.

 --file      Run tests identified by specific file names, instead of class names.
             Specify the path and the extension
             (i.e. 'core/modules/user/user.test').

 --directory <path>

             Run all tests found within the specified file directory.

 --xml       <path>

             If provided, test results will be written as xml files to this path.

 --color     Output text format results with color highlighting.

 --verbose   Output detailed assertion messages in addition to summary.

 --summary [file]

             Output errors and exception messages to summary file.

 <test1>[ <test2>[ <test3> ...]]

             One or more tests classes (or groups names) to be run. Names may
             be separated by spaces or commas.

To run this script you will normally invoke it from the root directory of your Backdrop installation as the webserver user (differs per configuration), or root: --url BlockTestCase

   sudo -u [wwwrun|www-data|etc] ./core/scripts/ --url --all
   sudo -u [wwwrun|www-data|etc] ./core/scripts/ --url BlockTestCase