Defines the node entity class.


Expanded class hierarchy of Node


core/modules/node/, line 10
Entity controller and class for nodes.


Contains filters are case sensitive
Namesort ascending Modifiers Type Description
Node::__construct function Create a new Node instance. Overrides Entity::__construct
Node::uri public function Implements EntityInterface::uri(). Overrides EntityInterface::uri
Node::label public function Implements EntityInterface::label(). Overrides EntityInterface::label
Node::id public function Implements EntityInterface::id(). Overrides EntityInterface::id
Node::getRevisionId public function Overrides Backdrop\entity\Entity::getRevisionId(). Overrides Entity::getRevisionId
Node::entityType public function Implements EntityInterface::entityType(). Overrides EntityInterface::entityType
Node::createDuplicate public function Overrides Entity::createDuplicate(). Overrides Entity::createDuplicate
Node::createAccess public static function Overrides Entity::createAccess(). Overrides Entity::createAccess
Node::bundle public function Implements EntityInterface::bundle(). Overrides Entity::bundle
Node::access public function Overrides Entity::access(). Overrides Entity::access
Node::$vid public property The node revision ID.
Node::$uid public property The node owner's user ID.
Node::$type public property The node content type (bundle).
Node::$translate public property The node translation status.
Node::$tnid public property The node translation set ID.
Node::$title public property The node title.
Node::$sticky public property The node sticky status.
Node::$status public property The node published status indicator.
Node::$scheduled public property The timestamp at which this content should be automatically published.
Node::$revision_uid public property The node revision author's user ID.
Node::$revision_timestamp public property The node revision creation timestamp.
Node::$promote public property The node promotion status.
Node::$nid public property The node ID.
Node::$langcode public property The node language code.
Node::$is_active_revision public property Indicates whether this is the active node revision. Overrides Entity::$is_active_revision
Node::$in_preview public property The node preview status.
Node::$created public property The node creation timestamp.
Node::$comment public property The node comment status indicator.
Node::$changed public property The node modification timestamp.
Entity::setIsActiveRevision public function Implements Backdrop\entity\EntityInterface::setActiveRevision(). Overrides EntityInterface::setIsActiveRevision
Entity::save public function Implements EntityInterface::save(). Overrides EntityInterface::save
Entity::isNew public function Implements EntityInterface::isNew(). Overrides EntityInterface::isNew
Entity::isActiveRevision public function Implements Backdrop\entity\EntityInterface::isActiveRevision(). Overrides EntityInterface::isActiveRevision
Entity::getFieldValues public function Implements EntityInterface::getFieldValues(). Overrides EntityInterface::getFieldValues
Entity::getFieldValue public function Implements EntityInterface::getFieldValue(). Overrides EntityInterface::getFieldValue
Entity::delete public function Implements EntityInterface::delete(). Overrides EntityInterface::delete