Defines a "managed_file" Form API field and a "file" field for Field module.




Namesort descending Description
file_action_info Implements hook_action_info().
file_admin_paths Implements hook_admin_paths().
file_ajax_progress Ajax callback: Retrieves upload progress.
file_ajax_upload Ajax callback: Processes file uploads and deletions.
file_autoload_info Implements hook_autoload_info().
file_element_info Implements hook_element_info().
file_entity_info Implements hook_entity_info().
file_file_download Implements hook_file_download().
file_file_predelete Implements hook_file_predelete().
file_get_file_references Retrieves a list of references to a file.
file_icon_map Determines the generic icon MIME package based on a file's MIME type.
file_icon_path Creates a path to the icon for a file entity.
file_icon_url Creates a URL to the icon for a file entity.
file_managed_file_pre_render Render API callback: Hides display of the upload or remove controls.
file_managed_file_process Render API callback: Expands the managed_file element type.
file_managed_file_save_upload Saves any files that have been uploaded into a managed_file element.
file_managed_file_submit Form submission handler for upload / remove buttons of managed_file elements.
file_managed_file_validate Render API callback: Validates the managed_file element.
file_managed_file_value Render API callback: Determines the value for a managed_file type element.
file_menu Implements hook_menu().
file_permission Implements hook_permission().
file_progress_implementation Determines the preferred upload progress implementation.
file_theme Implements hook_theme().
file_upload_validators_pre_render Pre-render callback for adding validation descriptions to file upload fields.
file_views_api Implements hook_views_api().