1 date_views_argument_handler_simple.inc date_views_argument_handler_simple::init(&$view, &$options)

Get granularity.

Use it to create the formula and a format for the results.

Overrides views_handler_argument::init


core/modules/date/views/date_views_argument_handler_simple.inc, line 57
Date API views argument handler.


Date API argument handler.


function init(&$view, &$options) {
  parent::init($view, $options);

  // Add a date handler.
  $this->date_handler = new date_sql_handler(DATE_UNIX);
  if (!empty($this->definition['field_name'])) {
    $field = field_info_field($this->definition['field_name']);
    if (!empty($field) && !empty($field['type'])) {
      $this->date_handler->date_type = $field['type'];
      $this->original_table = $this->definition['table'];
    $this->date_handler->db_timezone = date_get_timezone_db($field['settings']['tz_handling']);
    $this->date_handler->local_timezone = date_get_timezone($field['settings']['tz_handling']);
  $this->date_handler->granularity = $this->options['granularity'];
  // This value needs to be initialized so
  // it exists even if the query doesn't run.
  $this->date_handler->placeholders = array();

  $this->format = $this->date_handler->views_formats($this->date_handler->granularity, 'display');
  $this->sql_format = $this->date_handler->views_formats($this->date_handler->granularity, 'sql');
  // $this->arg_format is the format the parent date
  // handler will use to create a default argument.
  $this->arg_format = $this->format();

  // Identify the base table for this field.
  // It will be used to call for the right query field options.
  $this->base_table = $this->table;