1 install.inc backdrop_install_profile_distribution_name()

Loads the installation profile, extracting its defined distribution name.

Return value

The distribution name defined in the profile's .info file. Defaults to "Backdrop CMS" if none is explicitly provided by the installation profile.

See also



core/includes/install.inc, line 211
API functions for installing modules and themes.


function backdrop_install_profile_distribution_name() {
  // During installation, the profile information is stored in the global
  // installation state (it might not be saved anywhere yet).
  if (backdrop_installation_attempted()) {
    global $install_state;
    return $install_state['profile_info']['distribution_name'];
  // At all other times, we load the profile via standard methods.
  else {
    $profile = backdrop_get_profile();
    $info = system_get_info('module', $profile);
    return $info['distribution_name'];