Expanded class hierarchy of DrupalDefaultEntityController

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core/includes/drupal.classes.inc, line 111
Contains class and interface wrappers for Drupal 7.x compatibility.


Contains filters are case sensitive
Namesort descending Modifiers Type Description
DefaultEntityController::$cache protected property Whether this entity type should use the static cache.
DefaultEntityController::$entityCache protected property Static cache of entities.
DefaultEntityController::$entityInfo protected property Array of information about the entity.
DefaultEntityController::$entityType protected property Entity type for this controller instance.
DefaultEntityController::$hookLoadArguments protected property Additional arguments to pass to hook_TYPE_load().
DefaultEntityController::$idKey protected property Name of the entity's ID field in the entity database table.
DefaultEntityController::$revisionKey protected property Name of entity's revision database table field, if it supports revisions.
DefaultEntityController::$revisionTable protected property The table that stores revisions, if the entity supports revisions.
DefaultEntityController::attachLoad protected function Attaches data to entities upon loading.
DefaultEntityController::buildQuery protected function Builds the query to load the entity.
DefaultEntityController::cacheGet protected function Gets entities from the static cache.
DefaultEntityController::cacheSet protected function Stores entities in the static entity cache.
DefaultEntityController::load public function Implements EntityControllerInterface::load(). Overrides EntityControllerInterface::load
DefaultEntityController::resetCache public function Implements EntityControllerInterface::resetCache(). Overrides EntityControllerInterface::resetCache
DefaultEntityController::__construct public function Implements EntityControllerInterface::__construct().