BackdropDateTime::__construct in core/includes/
Constructs a date object.
BackdropDateTime::__toString in core/includes/
Returns the date object as a string.
date_combo_element_process in core/modules/date/
Process an individual date element.
date_default_date in core/modules/date/
Create a date object from a datetime string value.
date_default_value_part in core/modules/date/
Helper function for the date default value callback to set either 'value' or 'value2' to its default value.
date_formatter_process in core/modules/date/date.module
Helper function for creating formatted date arrays from a formatter.
date_popup_validate in core/modules/date/
Massage the input values back into a single date.
date_select_validate in core/modules/date/
Validation function for date selector.
date_sql_handler::arg_range in core/modules/date/views/
Use the parsed values from the ISO argument to determine the min and max date for this period.
date_sql_handler::sql_where_date in core/modules/date/views/
Creates a where clause to compare a complete date field to a date value.
date_text_validate in core/modules/date/
Validation for text input.
date_type_format in core/includes/
Helper function for getting the format string for a date type.
date_views_argument_handler_simple::query in core/modules/date/views/
Inject a test for valid date range before the regular query.