filter_get_format_tempstore in core/modules/filter/filter.module
Get a format currently being edited from the tempstore.
form_get_cache in core/includes/
Fetches a form from the cache.
image_style_get_allowed_uris in core/modules/image/image.module
Get a list of all whitelisted URIs for image styles.
image_style_save_allowed_uris in core/modules/image/image.module
Shutdown callback used to save the whitelist of requested image styles.
layout_flexible_tempstore_load in core/modules/layout/layout.module
Get a flexible template currently being edited from the tempstore.
layout_get_layout_tempstore in core/modules/layout/layout.module
Get a layout or menu item currently being edited from the tempstore.
node_get_node_tempstore in core/modules/node/node.module
Get a node from the tempstore.
views_ui_cache_load in core/modules/views_ui/views_ui.module
Specialized menu callback to load a view and check its locked status.
_backdrop_bootstrap_variables in core/includes/
Loads system variables and all enabled bootstrap modules.