admin_bar_output in core/modules/admin_bar/
Build the administration bar output.
AJAXDialogTest::testDialog in core/modules/simpletest/tests/ajax.test
Test sending non-JS and AJAX requests to open and manipulate modals.
ajax_deliver_dialog in core/includes/
Delivers the content of a page as a dialog.
ajax_prepare_response in core/includes/
Converts the return value of a page callback into an Ajax commands array.
ajax_test_dialog_contents in core/modules/simpletest/tests/ajax_test.module
Menu callback: Returns the contents for dialogs opened by ajax_test_dialog().
authorize.php in core/authorize.php
Administrative script for running authorized file operations.
backdrop_get_css in core/includes/
Returns a themed representation of all stylesheets to attach to the page.
backdrop_get_html_head in core/includes/
Retrieves output to be displayed in the HEAD tag of the HTML page.
backdrop_get_js in core/includes/
Returns a themed presentation of all JavaScript code for the current page.
backdrop_render_children in core/includes/
Renders children of an element and concatenates them.
bartik_field__taxonomy_term_reference in core/themes/bartik/template.php
Overrides theme_field__FIELD_TYPE().
Block::getAdminConditionsPreview in core/modules/layout/includes/
Return a fieldset listing any visibility conditions set for this block.
book_children in core/modules/book/book.module
Formats the menu links for the child pages of the current page.
comment_node_update_index in core/modules/comment/comment.module
Implements hook_node_update_index().
CommonBackdropRenderTestCase::assertRenderedElement in core/modules/simpletest/tests/common.test
CommonBackdropRenderTestCase::testBackdropRenderBasics in core/modules/simpletest/tests/common.test
Tests the output backdrop_render() for some elementary input values.
CommonBackdropRenderTestCase::testBackdropRenderCache in core/modules/simpletest/tests/common.test
Tests caching of render items.
CommonBackdropRenderTestCase::testBackdropRenderChildrenAttached in core/modules/simpletest/tests/common.test
Test #attached functionality in children elements.
CommonBackdropRenderTestCase::testBackdropRenderSorting in core/modules/simpletest/tests/common.test
Test sorting by weight.
CommonBackdropRenderTestCase::testBackdropRenderThemeArguments in core/modules/simpletest/tests/common.test
Test passing arguments to the theme function.
CommonJavaScriptTestCase::testAttachedLibrary in core/modules/simpletest/tests/common.test
Tests the addition of libraries through the #attached['library'] property.
common_test_backdrop_render_invalid_keys in core/modules/simpletest/tests/common_test.module
Render an element with an invalid render array key.
config_export_single_form_update_type in core/modules/config/
Handles switching the configuration type selector.
drupal_render in core/includes/
Renders HTML given a structured array tree.
EmailFieldTestCase::testEmailField in core/modules/email/tests/email.test
Tests e-mail field.
FieldAttachOtherTestCase::testFieldAttachView in core/modules/field/tests/field.test
Test field_attach_view() and field_attach_prepare_view().
FieldBlock::formatterFormAjax in core/modules/field/
Form #ajax callback used by FieldBlock::form().
FieldDisplayAPITestCase::testFieldViewField in core/modules/field/tests/field.test
Test the field_view_field() function.
FieldDisplayAPITestCase::testFieldViewValue in core/modules/field/tests/field.test
Test the field_view_value() function.
FieldUIManageDisplayTestCase::assertNodeViewTextHelper in core/modules/field_ui/tests/field_ui.test
Asserts that a string is (not) found in the rendered nodein a display mode.
field_tokens in core/modules/field/
Implements hook_tokens().
file_ajax_upload in core/modules/file/file.module
Ajax callback: Processes file uploads and deletions.
filter_admin_format_editor_ajax in core/modules/filter/
AJAX callback for filter_admin_format_form().
filter_format_editor_dialog_save in core/modules/filter/
Form AJAX callback. Sends the save editor AJAX command and closes the dialog.
FormCheckboxTestCase::testFormCheckbox in core/modules/simpletest/tests/form.test
FormsTestCase::testRequiredFields in core/modules/simpletest/tests/form.test
Check several empty values for required forms elements.
hook_search_execute in core/modules/search/search.api.php
Execute a search for a set of key words.
hook_tokens_alter in core/modules/system/system.api.php
Alter replacement values for placeholder tokens.
hook_update_index in core/modules/search/search.api.php
Update the search index for this module.
installer_browser_add_remove_queue_dialog_link_ajax in core/modules/installer/
AJAX submit handler for installer_browser_add_remove_queue_dialog_link().
installer_browser_add_remove_queue_link in core/modules/installer/
Builds the add/remove project to install queue link.
installer_browser_get_install_list in core/modules/installer/
Returns the themed install list form.
installer_browser_installation_page in core/modules/installer/
Menu callback; page to install projects.
installer_browser_page in core/modules/installer/
Page to display the projects.
installer_manager_install_modal_callback in core/modules/installer/
AJAX callback to update the add/remove queue on bulk add.
install_run_task in core/includes/
Runs an individual installation task.
install_select_language in core/includes/
Installation task; select which language to use.
install_select_profile in core/includes/
Selects which profile to install.
js_example_accordion in modules/examples/js_example/js_example.module
Demonstrate accordion effect.
layout-content-form.tpl.php in core/modules/layout/templates/layout-content-form.tpl.php
LayoutRendererEditor::getBlockLinks in core/modules/layout/plugins/renderers/
Render the links to display when editing a block.
LayoutRendererEditor::getRegionLinks in core/modules/layout/plugins/renderers/
Render the links to display when editing a region.
layout_ajax_form_open_dialog in core/modules/layout/
AJAX handler that opens a form in a dialog.
layout_ajax_form_save_dialog in core/modules/layout/
AJAX handler that saves a form in a dialog and updates the underlying form.
layout_ajax_form_save_title_dialog in core/modules/layout/
layout_ajax_form_update in core/modules/layout/
AJAX handler that updates a portion of the form.
layout_block_configure_ajax_update in core/modules/layout/
AJAX callback to update the underlying layout form after updating a block.
layout_list_page in core/modules/layout/
Output a list of pages that are managed.
layout_settings_form_path_ajax in core/modules/layout/
AJAX handler for layout_settings_form() the returns updated contexts.
locale_translate_export_screen in core/modules/locale/
User interface for the translation export screen.
locale_translate_seek_screen in core/modules/locale/
String search screen.
node_feed in core/modules/node/node.module
Page callback: Generates and prints an RSS feed.
node_search_execute in core/modules/node/node.module
Implements hook_search_execute().
render in core/includes/
Renders an element.
RenderElementTypesTestCase::assertElements in core/modules/simpletest/tests/theme.test
Asserts that an array of elements is rendered properly.
search_embedded_form_preprocess_search_results in core/modules/search/tests/search_embedded_form/search_embedded_form.module
Adds the test form to search results.
system_themes_page in core/modules/system/
Menu callback; displays a listing of all themes.
TaxonomyTermFieldMultipleVocabularyTestCase::testTaxonomyTermFieldMultipleVocabularies in core/modules/taxonomy/tests/taxonomy.test
Tests term reference field and widget with multiple vocabularies.
TaxonomyTermFieldTestCase::testTaxonomyTermFieldWidgets in core/modules/taxonomy/tests/taxonomy.test
Test widgets.
template_preprocess_block in core/modules/layout/
Prepares variables for block templates.
template_preprocess_date_views_filter_form in core/modules/date/
Preprocessor for Date Views filter form.
template_preprocess_installer_browser_install_queue in core/modules/installer/
Add some variables for the projects install queue theme.
template_preprocess_installer_browser_list in core/modules/installer/
Add some variables for the projects list theme.
template_preprocess_theming_example_text_form in modules/examples/theming_example/theming_example.module
Implements template_preprocess().
template_preprocess_views_exposed_form in core/modules/views/templates/
Default theme function for all filter forms.
template_preprocess_views_ui_display_tab_bucket in core/modules/views_ui/
template_preprocess_views_ui_view_preview_section in core/modules/views_ui/
Theme preprocess for theme_views_ui_view_preview_section().
template_preprocess_views_view_row_comment in core/modules/comment/views/
Template helper for theme_views_view_row_comment
template_preprocess_views_view_row_search in core/modules/search/views/
Template helper for theme_views_view_row_search
TextFieldTestCase::_testTextfieldWidgets in core/modules/field/modules/text/tests/text.test
Helper function for testTextfieldWidgets().
TextFieldTestCase::_testTextfieldWidgetsFormatted in core/modules/field/modules/text/tests/text.test
Helper function for testTextfieldWidgetsFormatted().
ThemeDebugMarkupTestCase::testDebugOutput in core/modules/simpletest/tests/theme.test
Tests debug markup added to template output.
ThemeFunctionsTestCase::testBackdropPreRenderLinks in core/modules/simpletest/tests/theme.test
Test the use of backdrop_pre_render_links() on a nested array of links.
theme_admin_bar_links in core/modules/admin_bar/
Render a themed list of links.
theme_book_admin_table in core/modules/book/
Returns HTML for a book administration form.
theme_ckeditor_settings_toolbar in core/modules/ckeditor/
Displays the toolbar configuration for CKEditor.
theme_contact_category_list_table in core/modules/contact/
Returns HTML for the contact form categories administrative table.
theme_date_text_parts in core/modules/date/
Returns HTML for the text/select options for date parts in a table.
theme_exposed_filters in core/modules/system/
Returns HTML for an exposed filter form.
theme_field in core/modules/field/
Returns HTML for a field.
theme_field_multiple_value_form in core/modules/field/
Returns HTML for an individual form element.
theme_field_ui_table in core/modules/field_ui/
Returns HTML for Field UI overview tables.
theme_file_widget_multiple in core/modules/file/
Returns HTML for a group of file upload widgets.
theme_filter_admin_format_filter_order in core/modules/filter/
Returns HTML for a text format's filter order form.
theme_filter_admin_overview in core/modules/filter/
Returns HTML for the text format administration overview form.
theme_filter_format_editor_image_form in core/modules/filter/
theme_image_anchor in core/modules/image/
Returns HTML for a 3x3 grid of checkboxes for image anchors.
theme_image_style_effects in core/modules/image/
Returns HTML for a listing of the effects within a specific image style.
theme_image_widget in core/modules/image/
Returns HTML for an image field widget.
theme_installer_browser_project_description in core/modules/installer/
Builds the truncated description on the project list.
theme_language_admin_overview_form_table in core/modules/language/
Returns HTML for the language overview form.
theme_language_negotiation_configure_form in core/modules/locale/
Returns HTML for the language negotiation configuration form.
theme_layout_conditions in core/modules/layout/
Output the list of visibility conditions for layouts.
theme_layout_menu_item_arguments_table in core/modules/layout/
Output the arguments table for layout_menu_item_arguments_form().
theme_layout_settings_context_table in core/modules/layout/
Output the table for layout_settings_form() contexts.
theme_link in core/includes/
Returns HTML for a link.
theme_link_field in core/modules/link/
Formats a link field widget.
theme_locale_date_format_form in core/modules/locale/
Returns themed HTML for the locale_date_format_form() form.
theme_menu_link in core/includes/
Returns HTML for a menu link and submenu.
theme_menu_local_actions in core/includes/
Returns rendered HTML for the local actions.
theme_menu_local_tasks in core/includes/
Returns HTML for primary and secondary local tasks.
theme_menu_overview_form in core/modules/menu/
Returns HTML for the menu overview form into a table.
theme_node_preview_banner_form in core/modules/node/
Returns HTML for node_preview_banner_form().
theme_node_search_admin in core/modules/node/
Returns HTML for the content ranking part of the search settings admin page.
theme_options in core/modules/field/modules/options/
Theme an options element.
theme_path_bulk_update_form in core/modules/path/
Returns HTML for the Path bulk update page.
theme_simpletest_test_table in core/modules/simpletest/
Returns HTML for a test list generated by simpletest_test_form() into a table.
theme_system_modules_fieldset in core/modules/system/
Returns HTML for the modules form.
theme_system_modules_uninstall in core/modules/system/
Returns HTML for a table of currently disabled modules.
theme_tabledrag_example_parent_form in modules/examples/tabledrag_example/
Theme callback for the tabledrag_example_parent_form form.
theme_tabledrag_example_simple_form in modules/examples/tabledrag_example/
Theme callback for the tabledrag_example_simple_form form.
theme_tableselect in core/includes/
Returns HTML for a table with radio buttons or checkboxes.
theme_taxonomy_overview_terms in core/modules/taxonomy/
Returns HTML for a terms overview form as a sortable list of terms.
theme_taxonomy_overview_vocabularies in core/modules/taxonomy/
Returns HTML for the vocabulary overview form as a sortable list of vocabularies.
theme_user_admin_permissions in core/modules/user/
Returns HTML for the administer permissions page.
theme_user_admin_roles in core/modules/user/
Returns HTML for the role order and new role form.
theme_views_form_views_form in core/modules/views/templates/
Theme function for a View with form elements: replace the placeholders.
theme_views_ui_build_group_filter_form in core/modules/views_ui/
Theme the build group filter form.
theme_views_ui_expose_filter_form in core/modules/views_ui/
Theme the expose filter form.
theme_views_ui_rearrange_filter_form in core/modules/views_ui/
Turn the rearrange form into a proper table
theme_views_ui_rearrange_form in core/modules/views_ui/
Turn the rearrange form into a proper table
theme_views_ui_reorder_displays_form in core/modules/views_ui/
Turn the reorder form into a proper table
theme_views_ui_style_plugin_table in core/modules/views_ui/
Theme the form for the table style plugin
theme_views_view_mapping_test in core/modules/views/tests/views_test/views_test.module
Returns HTML for the Mapping Test style.
update_selection_page in core/update.php
Renders form with a list of available database updates.
views-view.tpl.php in core/modules/views/templates/views-view.tpl.php
Main view template.
views_ajax_form_wrapper in core/modules/views/includes/
Wrapper around backdrop_build_form to handle some AJAX stuff automatically. This makes some assumptions about the client.
views_handler_field::advanced_render in core/modules/views/handlers/
Render a field using advanced settings.
views_handler_field_comment_node_link::render in core/modules/comment/views/
Render the field.
views_handler_field_contextual_links::render in core/modules/views/handlers/
Render the contextual fields.
views_handler_field_dropbutton::render in core/modules/views/handlers/
Render the contextual fields.
views_handler_field_field::set_items in core/modules/field/views/
Return an array of items for the field.
views_handler_field_links::render in core/modules/views/handlers/
Render the links field.
views_plugin_exposed_form::render_exposed_form in core/modules/views/plugins/
Render the exposed filter form.
views_plugin_row_comment_rss::render in core/modules/comment/views/
Render a row object. This usually passes through to a theme template of some form, but not always.
views_plugin_row_node_rss::render in core/modules/node/views/
Render a row object. This usually passes through to a theme template of some form, but not always.
views_plugin_row_node_view::render in core/modules/node/views/
Render a row object. This usually passes through to a theme template of some form, but not always.
views_plugin_row_user_view::render in core/modules/user/views/
Render a row object. This usually passes through to a theme template of some form, but not always.
views_plugin_style_summary_jump_menu::render in core/modules/views/plugins/
Render the display in this style.
views_ui_preprocess_views_view in core/modules/views_ui/views_ui.module
Theme preprocess for views-view.tpl.php.
views_ui_regenerate_tab in core/modules/views_ui/
Regenerate the current tab for AJAX updates.
_node_index_node in core/modules/node/node.module
Indexes a single node.
_theme_table_cell in core/includes/
Returns HTML output for a single table cell for theme_table().