Common functions that many Backdrop modules will need to reference.

The functions that are critical and need to be available even when serving a cached page are instead located in




Namesort ascending Description
_format_date_callback Translates a formatted date string.
_fix_gpc_magic_files Strips slashes from $_FILES items.
_fix_gpc_magic Strips slashes from a string or array of strings.
_filter_xss_split Processes an HTML tag.
_filter_xss_display_allowed_tags Human-readable list of the default tags allowed by filter_xss(), for display in help texts.
_filter_xss_attributes Processes a string of HTML attributes.
_filter_xss_allowed_tags List of the default tags allowed by filter_xss().
_backdrop_version_compare_convert Converts a Backdrop version string into numeric-only version string.
_backdrop_schema_initialize Fills in required default values for table definitions from hook_schema().
_backdrop_parse_response_status Split an HTTP response status line into components.
_backdrop_load_stylesheet Loads stylesheets recursively and returns contents with corrected paths.
_backdrop_http_use_proxy Helper function for determining hosts excluded from needing a proxy.
_backdrop_flush_css_js Changes the dummy query string added to all CSS and JavaScript files.
_backdrop_default_html_head Returns elements that are always displayed in the HEAD tag of the HTML page.
_backdrop_build_css_path Prefixes all paths within a CSS file for backdrop_build_css_cache().
watchdog_severity_levels Returns a list of severity levels, as defined in RFC 3164.
valid_url Verifies the syntax of the given URL.
valid_number_step Verifies that a number is a multiple of a given step.
valid_email_address Verifies the syntax of the given e-mail address.
url_is_external Returns TRUE if a path is external to Backdrop (e.g.
url Generates an internal or external URL.
tempstore_set Stores an object in the semi-persistent key-value store.
tempstore_get Gets an object from the temp store.
tempstore_clear_all Removes an entire group of objects from the semi-persistent key-value store.
tempstore_clear Removes an object from the semi-persistent key-value store.
show Shows a hidden element for later rendering.
render Renders an element.
parse_size Parses a given byte count.
l Formats an internal or external URL link as an HTML anchor tag.
hide Hides an element from later rendering.
format_xml_elements Recursively formats nested XML array elements as a string.
format_size Generates a string representation for the given byte count.
format_rss_item Formats a single RSS item.
format_rss_channel Formats an RSS channel.
format_plural Formats a string containing a count of items.
format_interval Formats a time interval with the requested granularity.
format_date Formats a date, using a date type or a custom date format string.
flood_register_event Registers an event for the current visitor to the flood control mechanism.
flood_is_allowed Checks whether a user is allowed to proceed with the specified event.
flood_clear_event Makes the flood control mechanism forget an event for the current visitor.
fix_gpc_magic Fixes double-escaping caused by "magic quotes" in some PHP installations.
filter_xss_bad_protocol Processes an HTML attribute value and strips dangerous protocols from URLs.
filter_xss_admin Applies a very permissive XSS/HTML filter for admin-only use.
filter_xss Filters HTML to prevent cross-site-scripting (XSS) vulnerabilities.