backdrop_cron_run in core/includes/
Executes a cron run when called.
backdrop_error_levels in core/includes/
Maps PHP error constants to watchdog severity levels.
book_admin_edit_submit in core/modules/book/
Form submission handler for book_admin_edit().
BootstrapWatchdogTestCase::testWatchdogLogging in core/modules/simpletest/tests/bootstrap.test
comment_form_submit in core/modules/comment/comment.module
Form submission handler for comment_form().
contact_category_delete_form_submit in core/modules/contact/
Form submission handler for contact_category_delete_form().
contact_category_edit_form_submit in core/modules/contact/
Form submission handler for contact_category_edit_form().
cron.php in core/cron.php
Handles incoming requests to fire off regularly-scheduled tasks (cron jobs).
DBLogTestCase::generateLogEntries in core/modules/dblog/tests/dblog.test
Generates a number of random database log events.
DBLogTestCase::getSeverityConstant in core/modules/dblog/tests/dblog.test
Gets the watchdog severity constant corresponding to the CSS class.
DBLogTestCase::testDBLogAddAndClear in core/modules/dblog/tests/dblog.test
Tests the addition and clearing of log events through the admin interface.
DBLogTestCase::testDBLogException in core/modules/dblog/tests/dblog.test
Verifies that exceptions are caught in dblog_watchdog().
DBLogTestCase::testLogMessageSanitized in core/modules/dblog/tests/dblog.test
Make sure HTML tags are filtered out in the log detail page.
dblog_overview in core/modules/dblog/
Page callback: Displays a listing of database log messages.
file_type_delete_confirm_submit in core/modules/file/
Process file type delete confirm submissions.
file_type_revert_confirm_submit in core/modules/file/
Process file type revert confirm submissions.
file_type_status_confirm_submit in core/modules/file/
Process file type status confirm submissions.
file_unmanaged_delete in core/includes/
Deletes a file without database changes or hook invocations.
hook_watchdog in core/modules/system/system.api.php
Log an event message.
menu_delete_menu_confirm_submit in core/modules/menu/
Delete a custom menu and all links in it.
menu_item_delete_form_submit in core/modules/menu/
Process menu delete form submissions.
node_form_submit in core/modules/node/
Form submission handler that saves the node for node_form().
node_type_delete_confirm_submit in core/modules/node/
Process content type delete confirm submissions.
node_type_form_submit in core/modules/node/
Form submission handler for node_type_form().
search_view in core/modules/search/
Menu callback; presents the search form and/or search results.
system_logging_settings in core/modules/system/
Form builder; Configure error reporting settings.
system_update_1057 in core/modules/system/system.install
Add default for watchdog_enabled_severity_levels.
taxonomy_form_term_submit in core/modules/taxonomy/
Submit handler to insert or update a term.
taxonomy_form_vocabulary_submit in core/modules/taxonomy/
Form submission handler for taxonomy_form_vocabulary().
taxonomy_term_confirm_delete_submit in core/modules/taxonomy/
Submit handler to delete a term after confirmation.
taxonomy_vocabulary_confirm_delete_submit in core/modules/taxonomy/
Submit handler to delete a vocabulary after confirmation.
taxonomy_vocabulary_confirm_reset_alphabetical_submit in core/modules/taxonomy/
Submit handler to reset a vocabulary to alphabetical order after confirmation.
user_cancel_confirm_form_submit in core/modules/user/
Submit handler for user_cancel_confirm_form().
user_register_submit in core/modules/user/user.module
Submit handler for the user registration form.
watchdog in core/includes/
Logs a system message.
WatchdogTestCase::assertLogMessage in core/modules/simpletest/tests/bootstrap.test
Verify a log entry was entered. Called in the same way of theme expected original watchdog() execution.
WatchdogTestCase::assertNoLogMessage in core/modules/simpletest/tests/bootstrap.test
Verify no log entry was entered. Called in the same way of the expected original watchdog() execution.
watchdog_severity_enabled in core/includes/
Check if logging is enabled for a given severity level.
watchdog_severity_levels in core/includes/
Returns a list of severity levels, as defined in RFC 3164.
watchdog_skip_semaphore in core/modules/simpletest/tests/actions_loop_test.module
Replacement of the watchdog() function that eliminates the use of semaphores so that we can test the abortion of an action loop.
_comment_close_all in core/modules/comment/comment.module
Close all comments that meet the current threshold.
_user_cancel in core/modules/user/user.module
Last batch processing step for cancelling a user account.