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Name Type Namespacesort descending Location Description
LayoutAccess class core/modules/layout/plugins/access/ @file Class for loading, modifying, and saving a layout access rule (condition).
BackdropDateTime class core/includes/ Extends PHP DateTime class for use with Backdrop.
PagePreviewTestCase class core/modules/node/tests/node.test Tests the node entity preview functionality.
BackdropDatabaseCache class core/includes/ Defines a default cache implementation.
InfoFileParserTestCase class core/modules/system/tests/system.test
NodeSaveTestCase class core/modules/node/tests/node.test Tests node save related functionality, including import-save.
NodeBlock class core/modules/node/ @file A class that displays a particular node in a block.
views_handler_field_file class core/modules/file/views/ Field handler to provide simple renderer that allows linking to a file.
views_plugin_argument_default_taxonomy_tid class core/modules/taxonomy/views/ Taxonomy tid default argument.
UpdateDrupal7TestCase class core/modules/simpletest/tests/update.test Tests for ensuring updates from Drupal 7 execute properly.
DatabaseSelectCloneTest class core/modules/simpletest/tests/database_test.test Test cloning Select queries.
views_handler_argument_numeric class core/modules/views/handlers/ Basic argument handler for arguments that are numeric. Incorporates break_phrase.
UserRegistrationTestCase class core/modules/user/tests/user.test
views_plugin_localization_none class core/modules/views/plugins/ Localization plugin for no localization.
SystemInfoAlterTestCase class core/modules/system/tests/system.test Tests the effectiveness of hook_system_info_alter().
FormsRebuildTestCase class core/modules/simpletest/tests/form.test Tests form rebuilding.
FieldExampleTest class modules/examples/field_example/field_example.test Functional tests for the Field Example module.
views_handler_field_field class core/modules/field/views/ A field that displays fieldapi fields.
FieldUIManageDisplayTestCase class core/modules/field_ui/tests/field_ui.test Tests the functionality of the 'Manage displays' screens.
DatabaseFetchTestCase class core/modules/simpletest/tests/database_test.test Test fetch actions, part 1.
views_join class core/modules/views/includes/ A function class to represent a join and create the SQL necessary to implement the join.
InstallerLanguageTestCase class core/modules/simpletest/tests/installer.test Tests installer language detection.
views_plugin_style_mapping abstract class core/modules/views/plugins/ Allows fields to be mapped to specific use cases.
Redirect class core/modules/redirect/ Provides a HTTP redirect from one Backdrop internal path to another.
DashboardWelcomeBlock class core/modules/dashboard/includes/ @file Dashboard block providing a welcome message, and links to get people started using Backdrop.
UpdateScriptFunctionalTest class core/modules/system/tests/system.test Tests for the update system functionality.
SimpleTestBrowserTestCase class core/modules/simpletest/tests/simpletest.test Test internal testing framework browser.
LocalePluralFormatTest class core/modules/locale/tests/locale.test Tests plural index computation functionality.
ViewsModuleTest class core/modules/views/tests/views_module.test Tests basic functions from the Views module.
ViewsHandlerSortTest class core/modules/views/tests/handlers/views_handler_sort.test Tests for core views_handler_sort handler.
NodeTranslateBlockFunctionalTest class core/modules/node/tests/node.test Test translation settings on existing content block.
NodeTypeTestCase class core/modules/node/tests/node.test Tests related to node types.
FormsRedirectTestCase class core/modules/simpletest/tests/form.test Tests form redirection.
views_join_subquery class core/modules/views/includes/ Join handler for relationships that join with a subquery as the left field. eg: LEFT JOIN node node_term_data ON ([YOUR SUBQUERY HERE]) = node_term_data.nid
CronExampleTestCase class modules/examples/cron_example/cron_example.test cron_example test class
views_handler_field_file_uri class core/modules/file/views/ Field handler to add rendering file paths as file URLs instead of as internal file URIs.
views_plugin_localization_core class core/modules/views/plugins/ Localization plugin to pass translatable strings through t().